Napa Valley Car Free promotes and provides tools to travelers on the pleasures and availability of traveling to our area without their cars, or by parking their cars once they arrive.  By pledging to travel to or around the Napa Valley without a car, visitors receive special incentives from participating hotels, restaurants, transportation services and attractions. This website is a hub for information and web-links on transportation, lodging, attractions and other visitor needs.


www.NapaValleyCarFree.info – Project Goals


Our principal goal for this website is to provide pre-trip traveler information to our visitors to the Napa Valley so they can plan their trip using viable transportation alternatives to driving a car. Like our motto, we want our visitors to the Napa Valley to “take a vacation from their car.”Our message is: Come and visit our beautiful valley, but please leave your car at home.

Managing our traffic congestion problems (and the resulting negative air quality impacts) is very important to those of us who live, work, and play in the Napa Valley. Traffic congestion cannot be solved by merely adding more roadway capacity. We need to get people to change their travel choices, including when and how they travel.


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Napa Valley Clean Air Coalition: The Partnership


The NapaValleyCarFree.info website is the brainchild of the Napa Valley Clean Air Coalition, an all-volunteer group from the public, private, and non-profit sectors. The Coalition is a good example of how an important public need is addressed outside the traditional services provided by the public sector, the private sector, or the non-profit sector working alone. The stars have aligned in the Napa Valley sky for us to work together to promote and preserve our clean air. The Coalition includes the active participation of the following partners:


Bay Area Air Quality Management District
Bay Area Air Quality Management District – Spare the Air
Napa County Safe Routes to School 707-486-5648
Napa Chamber of Commerce (707) 226-7455
Napa County Bicycle Coalition 707-486-5648
Napa County Board of Supervisors
Napa County Transportation & Planning Agency (707) 259-8631
Napa Downtown Association (707) 257-0322
Napa Valley College
Visit Napa Valley (707) 226-5813
Napa Valley Wine Train
Change of Greenery
Solano Napa Commuter Information
Calistoga Chamber of Commerce
Napa Valley Film Festival

Napa Valley Clean Air Coalition Members


Our Coalition members listed alphabetically:

Helena Allison, City of Napa Public Works Department
Lisa Batto, Napa Chamber of Commerce
Deborah Brunner, Napa County Transportation Planning Agency
Mike Costanza, Napa County Bicycle Coalition
Eliot Hurwitz Napa County Transportation Planning Agency
Andrea Guzman, Napa Valley Wine Train
Sorel Klein, Solano Napa Commuter Information
Judy Leaks, Solano Napa Commuter Information
Steve Lederer, Dept. of Environmental Management, County of Napa
Elizabeth Richards, Solano Napa Commuter Information
Bob Russell, Transportation Consultant
Ed Shenk, Alliant University, Napa Chamber ITT Committee
Danielle Schmitz, Napa County Transportation and Planning Agency
Craig Smith, Napa Downtown Association
Hon. Brad Wagenknecht, Supervisor, Napa County District 1
Carolyn Nguyen, Change of Greenery